NEW in 1995 for specific use of storing raw cranberries. Approximate measures = 48” Inch x48” Inch x56” Inch TALL bins.  The bins are 48”x48”x 56” high corner posts, a slatted plywood bottom for drainage, solid plywood sides and 1”x6” splash guard around the top of the bins. Approximate Capacity = 2,000 Pounds Cranberries - settled.  Totes were used for 10 years with one (1) turn in each tote. Would Fill Bins, Freeze & Ship to processors. Empty bins were Returned / Washed / Prepped for another year.  Approximately 4,500 Good Wood Bins FOR SALE.  Other than being discolored from being stored outside the large majority of these bins are rated in Good Condition. As-Is / Where-Is PRICED: